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CTITC Season 7 Registration Begins  29 Sep 2006
We return to the knock-out bracket structure of Season 1.
Don't miss out on what could be the last Operation Flashpoint CTITC season before Armed Assault takes over.

Team registration can be found here.
Season 7 overview is here.

CTITC Tournament Summer Break  18 Jun 2006
Due to the many distractions of summertime, the CTITC Tournament will take a training break and resume with Season 7 during the first week of October 2006.
Team registration will begin September 5th.

Have a great summer.

Hotshots Win Season 6 Championship  30 Apr 2006
JCA vs Hotshots - JCA fought well, but Hotshots win by destruction after 2h 20m of fighting on Anilym. Hotshots sweep the three match championship series with two consecutive wins.

Congratulations Hotshots team.

Game thread and screenshots can be found here.

Season 1.5 CTICC Commander Tournament Starts Today  20 Apr 2006
A field of 20 players battle it out to determine who is the best CTI commander.

Get information on the CTICC here.

Season 6 Third Place Match - AFC Wins  19 Apr 2006
SWEC vs AFC - AFC wins by destruction after 1h 4m on Anilym during what could be the "closest" match in CTITC history.

Reports here.

Season 6 Championship Final - Match # 1  18 Apr 2006
Hotshots vs JCA, Hotshots win by destruction on Anilym and take the lead in the best of 3 matches CTITC championship series.
Movie of match by Chipp

Reports here.

Season 6 Semi-final Matches  18 Apr 2006
Hotshots vs SWEC, Hotshots win by destruction on Sinul and advance to the Finals.
JCA vs AFC, JCA wins by destruction on Sinul and advances to the Finals.
Congratulations JCA and Hotshots.

Reports here.

4th Place Tie Breaker Match  18 Apr 2006
SWEC vs PLAF, SWEC wins by destruction and advances to the semi-finals after 3h 15m of fighting on Feta
Resistance holds Spenwood for 1h 6m. Best game in tournament play for Resistance.

Reports here.

Week 14 Matches  18 Apr 2006
PLAF vs Hotshots, both teams draw at 3 hour match time limit on Anilym.
JCA vs ECF, JCA wins by destruction after 1h 30m of fighting on Anilym.
AFC vs SWEC, SWEC wins by destruction on Feta.

Reports here.

Week 13 Matches  18 Apr 2006
Hotshots vs ECF, Hotshots loose their MHQ to the Resistance at match start. ECF wins by destruction on Sinul.
SWEC vs Roughnecks, SWEC wins by destruction after 79m of fighting on Anilym.
JCA vs PLAF, both teams draw after the 3 hour match time limit expires on Sinul.

Reports here.

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